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        作者:德陽軟簾快速門廠家   發布時間: 2019/8/20 9:05:11


        Reasons and Treatment of Braking Slip of "Deyang Soft Curtain Fast Door" Insulation Fast Door


        In modern industrial production and some special occasions, we often see the figure of fast doors.


        This kind of fast-moving electric door is very popular in the current market. It can be made into the style of rolling shutter door, lifting door, stacking door, etc. The size of the door is not restricted, and the installation environment and occasion are not restricted. It is very popular.




        Fast doors, also known as fast shutter doors, high-speed doors, high-speed shutter doors, through the PLC, frequency converter, encoder control, door curtain (PVC raw material) rapid rise and fall, is designed for the rapid activities of materials (to shorten access time).


        Fast curtain door is a kind of door with multiple joints in series. In a fixed slideway, the scroll above the door is used as the center to rotate the upper and lower doors. Safety configuration and sealing function are particularly important.


        Because the fast curtain door runs with the scroll as the center, skidding is a common problem in the use process. The following summarizes some common causes of the door skidding and the corresponding treatment methods, as follows:


        Reasons and Treatment of Braking Slip of "Deyang Soft Curtain Fast Door" Insulation Fast Door


        1. The brake brake of fast rolling shutter door is greasy and cleaned with gasoline.


        2. The tension spring force decreases and the tension spring is replaced.




        3. The electromagnet is installed incorrectly and reinstalled.


        Fast curtain door sliding not only affects the normal operation of the door body, but also prone to security incidents. Doubts about this problem should be dealt with as soon as it is found, and can not be delayed. Together, the maintenance of fast curtain door should be carried out by professional maintenance personnel as far as possible. Do not privately dismantle the fast door body and spare parts, so it is easy to occur danger. Events.




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