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        您現在的位置:首頁>>快速門新聞 >> 「綿陽快速門」硬質快速門卡住下不來怎么辦?


        作者:綿陽硬質快速門廠家   發布時間: 2019/7/20 9:02:06



        What if the hard fast door of Mianyang Express Door is stuck?



        Fast doors can be used in many places in our life. In addition to our common shop facades and warehouse garages, some special stores and workshops can be installed inside. Hard fast doors made of special materials also have the function of fire protection, which also makes the function and use of fast doors more limited. Dahua.


        The main way to open the door body is to roll and wrap the curtain around the reel, while the fast curtain door is driven by the motor at a faster speed, so it can quickly open and close the door body.




        And this fast, the door parts of the requirements are much stricter, because the door area and weight of the fast curtain door are much larger than the ordinary curtain door, so the safety function should focus on doing a good job.


        Otherwise, once an accident occurs, it will cause significant consequences.


        Fast curtain door can improve people's work efficiency, but also ensure the environmental quality and temperature in the workshop. Therefore, it plays an important role in the production of some special industries.


        Although we will do a good job in daily maintenance of fast shutter doors, but it will inevitably break down over a long period of time, in which the door can not be rolled up is a relatively common problem, what should we do at this time?


        What if the hard fast door of Mianyang Express Door is stuck?


        Before we talk about solutions, let's first analyze the causes of the failure.


        Fast rolling shutter door body can not roll up and pull down the same problem, sometimes it may be too hard to let part of the damage caused by such a situation.


        Usually, it can not be rolled up because the door curtain piece on the turbine rigid fast door is stuck in the groove of the guide rail, or even the whole door curtain may be deformed by force. In this case, it is necessary to find out the damaged curtain piece.




        If it's just a common jam, it's good to be flat. If it's deformed, it needs to be replaced immediately to prevent the whole door from being damaged by subsequent faults.


        Fast doors do not roll well in the reel, and it may be that the spring breaks or the link band breaks and the spring needs to be replaced.




        It is too laggy in the running process. This may be an obstacle in the guide rail, or too long without adding lubricating oil, which leads to greater resistance and only needs to add proper amount of lubricatng oil into the track.

        雖說一些小問題可以接納維修或者更換零件的方法來解決,但是如果日常使用中不注意做好保養和檢查,也是會變成大問題的,倒是不僅需要花錢修理,, 主要是影響使用,這是主要問題。

        Although some minor problems can be solved by repairing or replacing parts, if we do not pay attention to the maintenance and inspection in daily use, it will also become a major problem. It will not only cost money to repair, but mainly affect the use, which is the main problem.


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