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        作者:雅安快速門定做   發布時間: 2019/8/20 8:48:06


        Infrared anti-smashing wiring and debugging of Ya'an Express Gate stacking doors



        Fast curtain door, short for Fast Door, is one of the modern industrial doors. It is named for its fast opening and closing. It is convenient to use and popular with people from all walks of life. With the continuous sophistication of product technology, the planning, manufacturing and installation cycle has been greatly shortened, and the work efficiency has been greatly improved.


        After installing the fast door, it is necessary to debug and check whether the door works smoothly and the function keys are normal. This is related to the security and practicability in the process of application, so this step is very important.




        Infrared anti-smashing wiring and debugging of Ya'an Express Gate stacking doors


        When debugging the fast door, the specific methods are as follows:


        1. Upper and lower limit debugging and testing: when the door body is stopped, press the rising button, and the door body works upwards. After buffer and complete interruption, judge whether the progress height meets the user's requirements.


        If the requirement is not met, debug again; then press the drop button, and when the door body falls completely discontinuous, inquire whether the end of the stay position of the door body is natural and appropriate.


        2. Function detection of emergency stop button: During the working process of the door body, press the emergency stop button to inquire whether the door body is interrupted immediately. If it still works properly, it is necessary to check whether the emergency stop button is out of order or damaged.


        3. Auto-opening function debugging: using the movement of vehicles and personnel to imitate the actual situation, inquiring whether the door body can be opened in time, and whether there is no dead angle signal masking at all viewpoints.


        Fourth, infrared anti-smash function debugging: during the falling process of the door body, intercept the infrared counter-fire system, whether the door body will rebound and rise in time.




        In the process of inspection, we should pay attention to our own safety and prevent the damage caused by the failure of infrared system.


        "Ya'an Express Gate", "Ziyang Express Gate" and "Chengdu Express Gate".


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